Thursday, April 8, 2010

introduction to deb

When I started this I said I wanted to talk about FOOD, FUN and MUSIC. So let's get started on that. I want to make a difference with my food and the products I make , I want to have a purpose in sharing music with you every week, this has to stay fun or really wants the purpose and I need your help with all of it. I think that for me this blogging has to show me that I can get me out there. I am on a MISSION, period. I have been working hard trying to stay in the loop of the universe communication skills so the fact that I have gotten this far makes me think "I should get an award!" I am the definition of " if I can do this ANYONE CAN."

Just a little background for those that have no idea who I am . I am a 59 year women, living for the last 33 years in Fargo North Dakota, who has a great family with two grown kids and is still married to the same man of 33 years (hows that for romance) I am a nurse, musician and love to make people happy with my food. And after 33 years have definitely picked up the Midwestern accent with lots of "you bet ya's". Which at times takes people back coming from an African American.

I have catered since 1994 and the proud small business entrepreneur owner of Deb's Corner Foods and Products Catering Service. I now have two of my Products in local stores in the community in the Fargo-Moorhead Area stores, Deb's Jalapeno Pesto and Deb's Texas Chips. I would love to see them find homes in other stores too.

My mission is to be able to write on this blog anything I would like about what I experience in the food world, and also to get you to at least try some of my products. I do not want to beat around the bush about my mission so there you have it. I love to talk and what you will find in my blogging is that I write like I speak, very little breaths are taken. I am not an English major nor am I the best speller, "thank GOD for spell check". So in a nut shell that is who I am. So I look forward to feedback and reading other blogs out there.

If you want to know more about me check out my web site at

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