Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy, Obligated????

Those are the words posted on the HPR facebook site about why I am not writing my column every week. Well, not true, I am not sure either who posted it from the Reader. The simple reason is this, I was told by the editor that the direction of the column I was writing was changing. That there were many people that were and are interested in writing about the food and restaurants in the FM area and that the format would change. Instead of always having one food writer with a specific column every week she would choose who she would print each week. I decided that I would move on and try blogging and keep my voice and post weekly, like my column in the Reader. I figure if I am going to write, which I have grown to LOVE, I might as well post it. So a new adventure has begun. I so appreciate John Strand asking me to write for the Reader, as I am not a writer, it open up a new place for me to express. I love being BUSY and obligations are a must in my life. If I could have I would have written a little thank you and good bye to those of you that follow me. But it is time to just move on, right? The Reader helped me get to this place and I really appreciate that. Now I think my biggest problem wil be editing:)

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you love to be busy-we need you in a local food group!
    Senator Tim Mathern