Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh ya got to have friends!

One of the things that I found so enjoyable these last few weeks is mooching off my friends. Yes , that's what I said. I have become ONE BIG mooch. With all the farmers markets out of town and my laziness in town after a week. It is nice to be invited in and be fed by some of the best cooks I know. One week I had convinced my friend JB to go out to dinner on a Thursday night,originally we were going to lunch. Anyway by the time the evening came she had invited me over for dinner, not only was that OK , but I put on my stay at home clothes and drove over to her house. She told me to bring something to grill and I very proudly brought three ears of fresh corm, I had already shucked it though. So a wrap in tin foil worked great on the grill. JB put together a yummy Kabob of fresh red bell peppers, yellow zucchini and this apple sausage that was very good. We of course had a very LARGE fresh leafy green salad. Anyone that knows me ,knows leafy green is my middle name. After eating outside on her lovely deck we toured her garden. It too was amazing. It made me think of how much I miss and love the company of my friends and a good meal.

Going to the lake every weekend for the farmers market has too been a joy. I get to stay with friends and if I am lucky they feed me too. Mike and I stayed with Karen B and her husband Dennis J in their cute little apartment. Dennis actually was the only one their , but Karen was there is spirit. It was so enjoyable to just sit and lesson to MIke and Dennis talk about the ins and outs of beer. I on the other hand enjoyed my tasty hot tea that Dennis made for me.

My next trip found us( Mike and Me) camped out at Lucy J and Tom T's house. I truly never knew I could get so much socializing in during one weekend. We had a small dinner party the first night. Mike grilled salmon and Lucy made some very yummy Swiss chard. This was my first experience with this now most popular veggie in my house. I loved it! The next day we grazed on chin dripping corn on the cob and Lucy made these very tasty edamame out of baby pea pods, really good. They were steamed just right and the peas where nice and sweet. We ended the weekend at the Fireside for dinner. I have to say though Lucy may have out cooked them. I found myself the next week at Jo and Frank W's. Again we had great conversation and wine. Jo made a delious meal of roast pork and beautiful veggie fried rice. I loved that she used brown rice too. The dessert was the BEST. Frank admitted to having malted Milk Balls in the house! What a treat along with fresh blueberries, Ah the best.

My last story has me making the meal, which of course I have no problem with. I got to make my favorite meal, BREAKFAST, and for a good friend Candy. We grazed on fresh spinach omelette, roasted new potatoes, fried tomato. And just in case we did not get enough to eat we had a wonderful scone from Josie's Corner and fresh strawberries to eat. Our conversation was about everything from our nursing days to a lot of using the word "INDEPENDENT" I do not think I have had such a good lunch in a very long time.

All these times surrounded by food, friends and memories. What not to love about that. I have so many more of these times in front of me. I am so excited, I cannot tell you. I love that I am welcomed into their home and they even feed me. Life really is good.

How was your summer??


  1. Jaime wrote:
    "Deb, I enjoyed you food blog but it is hard to believe you only just had swiss chard. I like to make it in a perforated pan on the grill while the chicken finishes cooking on the rack above it."

  2. I would love people to post, I think I love this blog thing:)